Earthsight is the Earth looking through my eyes at herself: 
alert attentive awake aware

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“I am Earthsight”

I am the Earth. The Earth is Me.

When I see without “me”, there is Insight.

When the Earth sees through me, there is Earthsight.


We are facing extinction, our own extinction.

We caused the Anthropocene, the 6th great mass extinction. Many, many species have already ‘been disappeared’ – by us.

We are not looking, we don’t see what we are doing.

For 250 years, Western, and now most countries, are destroying their very home, the living planet.

The planet is already warming up, faster than it ever has. It is our turn next – very soon.

It is happening so fast that the planet herself may become extinct, like Venus.


Who or what is causing the great extinction?

Actually, it’s not you or me, or them – as individuals.

But when we are part of an organisation, we do our very best for the success of the organisation: school, company, country, religion – any organised group whose interests are larger than those of its constituent members.

The organisation sees only what it wants, what makes it bigger, more profitable, more powerful, not what it does in getting what it wants.

And that’s destroying the Earth, and us.


So who can do something?

Big organisations, governments, media, the decision-makers?

Organisations are not living organisms. They are blind to the effect of their actions.

Only the individual can see.

The Earth is a living organism as individuals also are living organisms.

The Earth can see, and act, through the individual.

We can do something, you and I – when we are consciously part of the Earth.

When we see with the eyes of the Earth.

That is Earthsight.

Do it, feel it, be it – “I am Earthsight”.

And if more and more individuals ‘become consciously part of the Earth’, maybe the Earth can do something that we can’t.

She can save us from ourselves.

She can assure a future – for herself, for all life on the Earth.


We need planet-wide creativity, a new way of seeing the world, and ourselves.

The old cannot create the new.

Insight is new.

Here, now.

Earthsight is new.

For the planet, for nature, for all, not just for the few.

Individual creativity can be accessed through sharing of insight in groups

Small enough so the individual retains freedom from the group, or organisation.

Understandings can ripple out across a community or organisation

When each person takes the best ideas to a similar discussion group, and each of them does the same.

When the dynamic of shared creativity is attentive to the needs of the living planet

The individual and the planet together move towards assuring a common future.

We are all an integral part of the planet, whether individual or organisation. 

We are the planet, as the planet is us.


Change can be easy, even pleasant and ultimately profitable. We simply have to make a perfect people world, which means a perfect world for nature.

A world in which each individual person is respected and given value.

A world in which each species is protected and given its appropriate space.

A world in which all of the planetary systems supporting and enriching life are allowed to flourish.

This world would be perfect, everyone would be much happier, and, if we act very very – very – fast, we still have a chance of avoiding the worst effects of global warming. 

To maximise individual participation in the process of renewal

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The only time we've got is now.

We no longer have yesterday, and we might not have tomorrow.


William Plain