Earthsight is the Earth looking through my eyes at herself:
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We seem to be locked into a world where fundamental change is excluded. In fact, the organisation, local or global, is largely incapable of change. Only the individual can change, especially when attentive to insight. Sharing of insight can then allow communities, and even organisations, to assume their responsibility for the wider world.

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"I am Earthsight"

The world today desperately needs help.  'Western civilisation" seems incapable of maintaining a sustainable planet. We need the advice of the most successful long-term sustainable civilisation in the history of human occupation of the Earth, Decimillennial Australia.

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Global #ClimateStrike

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What can our governments do immediately?

A very large scale investment in carbon drawdown through direct air capture may be our best chance of gaining extra time to make the changes necessary to ensure a sustainable planet.

See: Prof Peter Wadhams on carbon dioxide removal

Decimillennial Australia

The world today desperately needs help.  'Western civilisation" seems incapable of maintaining a sustainable planet. We need the advice of the most successful long-term sustainable civilisation in the history of human occupation of the Earth, Decimillennial Australia.

See: Decimillennial Australia

Earthsight: planetary insight in the age of Anthropocene global warming

A call for global awareness of the level of RISK we are facing from Anthropocene warming. Even if unlikely, the level of risk is EXTREME, and the obligation on government, media and major organisations is absolute. The answer is to make the world a better place to live in. That's all. But if we don't act NOW, there may be no future.

See: Anthropocene Warming: responsible risk management

Why is our species the only one to be responsible (already!) for a major extinction event? Why are we ignoring the possiblity that this may become the greatest? How can homo stupidens once again become homo sapiens?

See: Alternative Paradigms in Planetary Management

A Nuclear Free World

Submission to Senate Committee: National Radioactive Waste Management (Kimba, Eyre Peninsula): see New Articles, Nuclear Means Futurecide (updated)

Questions for consideration by SA Nuclear Citizens' Jury

Submission to SA Nuclear Commission and Parliament of South Australia Joint Committee on Findings of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission: see New Articles, Nuclear Means Futurecide

GetUp/CommunityRun petition against nuclear waste: see New Articles, Wasted Australia

Open letter to SA Nuclear Commission: see New articles, Nuclear Charades

Peace and Planet

Global warming, an amplification of the Anthropocene mass extinction, is now  threatening the survival of our species and even of the living planet.

The following links provide information on global warming and how we can respond to this challenge:

A brief outline of global warming and Arctic methane release, with links to a number of important papers
See Arctic methane Earthsight

An understanding of our human dysfunction
See Awakeness Paradigm

Helping your organisation to help the planet
See Creativity in the Organisation and then experiment for yourself.

A more detailed analysis of global warming and our possible response
See Futurecide

A campaign to inform and provide a means for action has been placed on Avaaz, called "Peace and Planet". Please read, sign and share with "everyone"

Continually updated observations and research on Arctic climate change
See Arctic News.

The planet and me

Runaway global warming and approaching civilisation extinction demand a massive combined effort to achieve peace, with the living planet and with each other, with the hope of limiting and even reversing the planetary processes we have put in motion.

We have forgotten. We are part of the earth, we are the earth and the earth is each of us. The separateness we experience is of our own creation.

There is no 'other', our separateness, individual, nation and even species, is fictitious. In reality, there is no dividing line between what is 'me' and what is, in appearance only, 'not me'.

In every aspect of human activity we need cooperation not competition, quality not quantity, inclusion not exclusion. People, nature and planet must always come before profit, production and development.

When we struggle against each other to accumulate all we can, when we destroy the Earth, we destroy ourselves.

Can we live in a perfect 'people-world'? Today, we have no choice. Our 'big-world' is leading us to rapid extinction, perhaps along with our planet. We have to choose, immediately, a world which is perfect for people and for planet, even if the 'big-world' has to change radically.

What is the 'big-world'? Any entity that is bigger than the sum of the constituent individuals. An entity which controls what individuals want, rather than responding to what they need. An entity whose interests are separate to those of the individuals composing it and can be contrary to those external to the entity.

Throughout life, we are each part of some 'big-world' organisation, a school, a company or corporation, a nation.

GNP is a measure of our aggression against the earth.

We need to create the type of society that can allow us, along with all forms of life, to survive. Our present society is taking us rapidly towards extinction.

There is no choice, we need to act, now.


The Perfect People Planet

There is a problem, which is urgent, and can be beyond catastrophic. We need to act immediately, and we need to change almost everything.

Global warming has developed out of the Anthropocene mass extinction, the most catastrophic event in 70 million years, for which we are uniquely responsible. We have done virtually nothing to turn this around and many species are already extinct. Now it is our turn, unless we change most of the fundamental directions we have taken in the last 250 years.

However, change can be easy, even pleasant and ultimately profitable. We simply have to make a perfect people world.
  A world in which each individual person is respected and given value.
  A world in which each species is protected and given its appropriate space.
  A world in which all of the planetary systems supporting and enriching life are allowed to flourish.
This world would be perfect, everyone would be much happier, and, if we act very very – very – fast, we have a good chance of avoiding the worst effects of global warming.

The only time we've got is now. We no longer have yesterday, and we might not have tomorrow.


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